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Compassion, skill, ethics and technology are the cornerstones of my practice, allowing patients to experience the highest standards in dental health and dental cosmetics.

Specialist In Prosthodontics- Cosmetic And Restorative Dentistry


Dr. David Rua-Perez, DMD, MDS, is a surgical-trained Prosthodontist with an inspiring journey in dentistry. His career began with graduating summa cum laude from Havana Dental School, Cuba, followed by practicing dentistry, oral surgery, and dental lab technology in Venezuela. In 2012, he pursued a better future for his family by immigrating to the United States. After successfully completing his Doctor of Dental Medicine training at Rutgers Dental School in 2017, his dedication to continuous learning led him to a rigorous three-year Advanced Prosthodontics residency at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, accredited by the American Dental Association. There, he also earned a Master of Science in Dentistry while researching dental biomaterials. Dr. Rua-Perez’s training covers surgical and prosthetic aspects of implant therapy, emphasizing bone grafting, sinus elevation, computer-guided surgery, and more. His passion for dentistry was ignited in his youth when he experienced a dental accident, eventually leading him to his career path. Driven by a goal to provide high-quality dental care with kindness and dignity, he treats patients like family and builds lasting relationships. Dr. Rua-Perez eagerly anticipates assisting the community of the southwest region with their complex dental needs.



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